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Baby Name Chooser

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A free app for the iPhone to help you choose your baby's name.

It can be very difficult to pick just the right name for your new baby, particularly if you start with a long list of possible baby names.

This app puts your possible names through a competition where two names compete against other in either a knockout tournament or a league, leaving only one winner.

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Enter your list of possible baby names and select which ones should be used in the competition. A tick mark appears against selected names.

Names can be added, deleted and reordered.

Knockout tab


Run a knockout tournament in which selected names compete against each other, to narrow down your list until there is only one winner. Two names are shown at a time, and the winner chosen.

If different names are selected, added or deleted, the knockout tournament is reset.

League tab


Randomly select two names to be paired against each other, with the league ranking adjusted depending on the winner. Two names are shown at a time, and the winner chosen.

This uses a form of the ELO scoring system which is used for squash and chess leagues!), with each name starting with 100 points. The current league placings can be seen on the Results page.

The league is not reset when you add or delete names so you can run a long-term league as you narrow down your list of possible baby names.


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